Pharcyde – Oh Shit tab

This is an awsome song, and group.

Listen to the track to get the feel, and you can look for the
lyrics on pretty much any pharcyde website.  If you can get this
one down, you'll get all the chicks at house parties.  If your a girl,
then you'll get all the guys (i would dig it!)

There are only two chords:  F#  B  these are used throughout the WHOLE
song.  An improvised solo in the key of F#  fits really well into the song after
the second chorus.

This is where the chords fit in:

F#                   B
Little sally Walker, Sittin' in a saucer,
F#                   B
Oh how I tossed that ass uh.
F#                           B
Like a mission in the woods, woody wood pecker would,
if he could.........etc.

That's pretty much the way the whole song goes. It's great song to
play around with and try different things.
Have fun.

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