Phenomenauts - Man Alone tab

			    MAN ALONE - The Phenomenauts
Tabbed by: Cadet PD

Tuning: Standard

The fill riffs and solo coming soonish, this is just the rythmn guitar
(you can pretend you are either JoeBot or Nova. FREEDOM OF CHOICE :D )

   G A  B

e|----------------------|B|----------------------|G|----------------------| x4D|-5-7--9999999999999---|A|-5-7--9999999999999---|E|-3-5--7777777777777---|
After that there is a little fill that can be played various ways, I just mute the strings with my left hand and keep strumming Verse (All of us. We Should Shave A Mission....) [The single notes should be palm muted in typical punk-rock fashion, listen to the song to see what I mean-ish] B E
------------------| ------------------| ------------------| -9-9-----9-9--5-7-| Both of these parts x 2 -9-9-----9-9--5-7-| -7-7-777-7-7--3-5-|
After the second time, the pre-chorus fill type thing: (He's a Man Alllllooooonnnnnnneeee....) F# G A
Chorus: (This is the story of a generation...) [Listen for exact strumming on the B power-chord] B G A
B G A F#
Then after the chorus there is a transition with a lead guitar fill that goes back into the verse The chord for that is E
|--0--| |---||--0--| |---||--0--| |---||--1--| |---||--2--| |-2-||--2--| or just |-2-||--0--| |-0-|
As a matter of fact, you Barr all the chords in this song..whatever floats your boat. And thats the entire song minus the lead guitar riffs and such. The solo is played over the Verse. | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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