Phenomenauts - Make A Circuit With Me tab

Intro : D, Bm, G, A 2x

D                              Bm
Ya sweet romance is not for me 
G              A
I need electricity 
D                     Bm
If you wanna make me flip 
G                       A
Hit me with a micro chip 

(Chorus: D, G, F, A)
                  D                          G
I'll needa diode, cathode, electrode 
Overload, generator, oscillator 
Make a circuit!

Verse 2:

D                          Bm
Just plug in and go-go-go 
G                           A
I'll be your human dynamo 
D                          Bm
Signals in my power cord 
G                           A
Impulse on my circuit board 


Pre Chorus: Gb, Bm, G, A (single Strum)
I'm an AC/DC man 
You can read my circuit diagram 
I feed on electric jolts 
I need fifty-thousand volts
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