Phil Collins - Take A Look Through My Eyes chords

Intro: E B A E B A E D5

Verse 1:
E C#m7 E Asus2There are things in life you'll learn and oh, in time you'll see
E C#m7'cause out there somewhere it's all waiting
Pre-Chorus(verse 1 and 2):
E Asus2 D E Dif you keep believing So don't run, don't hide It will be alright. You'll
B7sus4see; trust me I'll be there watching over you Just take a...
E Asus2 E F#m7 E C#m7look through my eyes There's a better place somewhere out there
Bsus4 E Asus2 E F#m7 C#m7Ooh, just take a look through my eyes Everything changes. You'll be
Bsus4 A Bamazed what you'l find if you just look through my
First Ending:
A D5eyes
Second Verse:(same chords as first verse) There will be times on this journey, all you see is darkness, but out there somewhere finds you- to PRE-CHORUS Chorus Second ending:
A B7sus4eyes Take a...(back to chorus)
Chorus Third Ending(aka coda):
A B C#eyes Take a look through my eyes.
Good Luck!
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