Phil Ochs - In The Heat Of The Summer chords

Intro: Dm Gm Dm Gm Dm 

Gm DmIn the heat of the summer
F AWhen the pavements were burning
Dm C Dm The soul of a city was ravaged in the night
Gm DmAfter the city sun was sinkin'
Dm Gm DmNow no one knows how it started
F Awhy the windows were shattered
Dm C Dm But deep in the dark, someone set the spark
Gm Dm And then it no longer mattered.
Dm Gm DmDown the streets they were rumbling
F AAll the tempers were ragin
Dm C DmOh, where, oh, where are the white silver tongues
Gm DmWho forgot to listen to the warnings?
Dm Gm DmOn and On come the angry
F ANo longer following reason
Dm C Dm And all the stores were the target now
Gm DmWhere just the other day they were buyin
Dm Gm Dm Drunk with the memory of the ghetto
F ADrunk with the lure of the looting
Dm C DmAnd the memory of the uniforms shoving with their sticks
Gm DmAsking, "Are you looking for trouble?"
Dm Gm Dm"No, no, no," moaned the mayor.
F A "It's not the way of the order.
Dm C Dm "Oh stay in your homes, please leave us alone
Gm Dm"We'll be glad to talk in the morning."
Dm Gm Dm"For shame, for shame," wrote the papers.
F A"Why the hurry to your hunger?
Dm C Dm "Now the rubble's resting on your broken streets
Gm Dm"So you see what your rage has unraveled."
Dm Gm DmBaricades sadly were risin
F ABricks were heavily flyin
Dm C DmAnd the loudspeaker drowned like a whisperin' sound
Gm Dmwhen compared to the angered emotions
Dm Gm DmAnd when the fury was over
F AAnd the Shame was replacing the anger.
Dm C Dm So wrong, so wrong, but we've been down so long
Gm DmAnd we had to make somebody listen
Gm Dm Gm Dm Gm DmIn the heat of the summer......
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