Phil Ochs - One More Parade tab

"One More Parade"
by Phil Ochs
tabbed by Stefan Reed

Intro F E A|----------------------------|----------------1-0-0-||----------------------------|----------------1-0-2-||------------------0-3-2-----|----------------2-1-2-||-0-3-2-3-0----0--2------3-0-|-0-3-2-3-0----0-3-2-2-||-----------0-3--3-----------|-----------0-3--3-2-0-||----------------------------|----------------1-0-0-|
G A G A Dm Dm Hup, two, three, four, marching down the street C Dm Rollin' of the drums and the tramping of the feet General salutes and the mothers wave and weep C E/B A Here comes the big parade G A G A Don't be afraid, prices paid Dm One more parade F C So young, so strong, so ready for the war Dm A/C# A So willing to go and die upon a foreign shore Gm A C All march together, everybody looks the same F E A So there is no one you can blame G A G A Don't be ashamed, light the flame Dm One more parade
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