Phil Wickham – High Above tab

Capo 7

Em                D/F#             G
Your mercy falls like the rain
         Em              D/F#                 G      (C)
Your powers displayed in your wild ocean
          Em                   D/F#     G
Your presence will always remain
Em               D/F#             G           (C)
Jesus Your love reaches to the heavens
Em                   D/F#                   C
You are God, high above the earth

G                                D/F#     Em              
Angels sing  for you,           mountains melt at the sound of Your name
G                                D/F#     Em          
Oceans roar for You,           all of creation gives You praise
     Em                   D/F#                   C
For You are God high above the earth

Em              D/F#             G
Jesus Your all that I need
Em              D/F#                 G          (C)
Here is my life come and take it from me
Em            D/F#                  G
Jesus you make me complete
         Em              D/F#          G              (C)
With You at my side I can know no boundaries
Em                 D/F#                    C
You are God High above the earth

G        C        Em    D/F#
Halle  lujah  (9x)

First Post so I can't get the spacing right for the chords. I will post a tab later with 
picking, but the song sounds good with chords too. Phil is amazing

-Calvary San Luis Obispo is the best church ever!
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