Phil Wickham - Take My Heart tab version 1

TAKE MY HEART (Phil Wickham)
(Capo 1)

E |--4-------------|B |-----4---2---1--|
Verse 1: G D C Inside you shine a mist that's broken daylight G D C Take this darkness that I might see your goodness G D C My eyes are on the sky show me what you hold G D C You are the light of my soul Chorus: G D You have been the beauty in the song I sing C The fragrance of the rain G D You have been the mystery in my deepest dreams C You make my fly away G D You have been more faithful then the morning sun C You've given me the stars G D C Take my life take my soul take my heart G D C Take my heart Verse 2: G D C You make me you break me You change my life completely G D C Always my days I wanna give you my praise G D C My heart is in you hands let me feel your touch G D C Lord I live for your love
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