Phil Wickham - One Who Overcomes chords

Since it cant be found anywhere on the internet... here ya go!
...hmm. im a little iffy on the bridge though

One Who Overcomes
Phil Wickham

Capo: 4

Verse 1:
C Em GWhen we were trapped within our sin
C Em D/F#When we trusted ourselves
C Em G CWhen we were blinded by our shame and guilt
Em D/F#Overwhelmed
Verse 2:
C Em GWhen we were searching for our worth
C Em D/F#You died and gave yourself
C Em G CYou rose and brought a hope so real and were
Em D/F#Overwhelmed
G CWe sing, to the one who overcomes
EmTo the one who saves us from our sin
D/F#And heals whats broken
G CSing, to the one who rescues all
Em D/F#We will trust our lives so perfectly, complete in Him.
Verse 3:
C Em GWe live within a world that fails
C Em D/F#With pain we cant control
C Em G CYou sustain us with the love that knows and were
Em D/F#Overwhelmed
C GWe sing for rescue Hes brought us
C G D/F#We sing for the kingdom again
C EmWe sing for the hope and redemption
GHe has overcome
D/F#He has overcome
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