Phil Wickham - I Adore You chords

No Capo
This isn't the exact same as the song on his album: its in a different key, but it 
sounds good with the song and is alot easier to play. Im new at this so feel free 
to let me know about any mistakes!

Intro:  G   C2   G2   C2   EM D   X2

G C2Mercy falls from Your heart down on me
G C2Glory streams from Your face so lovely
EMA million words could not describe
DHow marvelous Your perfect light
GI adore You
A7I will sing it with all my heart
EMI adore You
D (End on a C2 the last time around)I love everything You are
2nd Verse:
G C2That my heart, beats to the rhythm of Your heart
G C2That my eyes focus on Your beautiful eyes
EMA million tongues could not express
DHow beautiful Your holiness
F G A7 CMy life is yours and will be forever
F A G DMy love is yours
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