Phil Wickham – Desire chords



Chords (EADGBE), he plays it a half step down on sing-along

G2: 3X0230Bm2: X20230
F#2: 2X0230 Asus: X00230 Em7: 022030 I'm not positive about the Asus, but think it fits ok. Verse 1: Intro: G Bm2 F#2 G2 Asus
G2 Bm2 F#2 G2I'm running through the gates of love, as fast as I can
G2 Bm2 Asus-G2I can't wait to see you I'm a desperate man
Bm2 You made the light and sent it down
F#2 G2 Em7To show us who you are
G2 AsusNow it's bursting out my heart
G2 - Bm2 F#2 G2 AsusMy desire is burning like a million stars
G2 Bm2 F#2 - G2 - Asus And I'll keep reaching out, reaching out for you
G2 - Bm2 F#2 G2 AsusMy desire is burning with the fire you sparked
G2 Bm7 F#2 - G2 - AsusAnd Ill keep reaching out, reaching out for you
Verse 2:
G2 Bm2 F#2 G2I'd be nothing without you, yeah I would die
G2 Bm2 Asus G2If I didnt have your hand if I couldnt look into your eyes
Bm2 F#2 G2 Em7 Jesus if your loves the fuel then I'm the desperate flame
G2 AsusThat's screaming out your name
Bm7 G2 D2This is glory rising, over a new horizon
AsusI see your love, I feel your smile
Bm7 F#2 G2 AsusYou're in my heart and I will run with all I have to you
Note: this is just an edit of one of the earlier ones. Feel free to email me to help with edits if you think it's wrong.
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