Phil Wickham – Ill Always Love You chords

Acoustic version. Played in the key of A, capo 3 in Eb tuning or capo 2 in 
standard. Chord shapes are those of G.


Verse 1
C GIn a world that has fallen apart I have found my hope
C GCuz the Power that brightens the stars brought to life my soul
C EmNow I'm calling from rooftops, shouting from mountain peaks
D"You're everything to me"
C G DForever I will tell You, yeah I'll scream until it hurts
C G DThat I can't live without You; You are heaven, I am earth
Am Em GAnd even from the moment that You saved my life I knew
D CThat I'll always love You
[Fingerpicked fill] C G C G Verse 2 (all strummed from here on out)
C GHallelujah, the battle is won, let the church bells ring
C GHallelujah, salvation has come and it came for me
C EmWhat was lost now is found and the heart that was bound is free
DYour grace amazes me
Chorus Bridge C G Am D Chorus x2 Outro C G C G/B D/F# G If you're struggling, listen to it here
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