Phil Wickham – All I Wanted chords

All I Wanted
Phil Wickham

This chord sheet has both Guitar and Bass on it. Check my other tab for the guitar solo.

Bass riff: /F# G# /D#(11) E(0)Guitar riff: 1+2+ 3 + 4 + 1234 1+2+ 3 + 4 + 1234
e|-----6-----7-|----|-----11-----------|----| B|-------------|----|------------------|----| G|-------6/8---|----|--------11/(12)-13|----| D|-------------|----|------------------|----| A|-------------|----|------------------|----| E|-------------|----|------------------|----|
Intro: /F# G#m /D# E (2x) (Both riffs and Drums) Verse 1: (Bass riff and Drums)
/F# G#m /D# EWe're looking for love, for something to feel
We want something true, something that's real We're holding out hope that hope can be found
/F# G#m /D# E //// //We all want to know what life is about
/F# B F# We all want something more
EThere's something more we're searching for
We all want something more You're something more, You're so much more Chorus:
B EYo-oo-ou, all I ever wanted
B F#Yo-oo-ou, all I ever needed
G#m E B F#Yo-oo-ou, all I want is Yo-oo-oo-ou
Verse 2: (Bass riff and Drums) You are the light, that never will fade You won't fail, You won't change Every thirst You satisfy You fill up my soul, the hunger inside Final Chorus: Yo-oo-ou, all I ever wanted Yo-oo-ou, all I ever needed Yo-oo-ou, all I want is You, You, All I want is You All I want is You, all I want is You
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