Phil Wickham – Come Near To Me Lord chords

Here is the chords for "Come Near To Me Lord"(2003) by Adam Watts, 
Andy Dodd, and Phil Wickham. Not sure who wrote the song but these 
are the artists that are credited for it. I couldn't find it 
anywhere so I decided to put it up myself, Enjoy! :)

Capo 2

Intro: G-Am7-D-C

Verse 1:
G Am7You give me a place to rest
C D A solemn and peaceful place
G Am7I'm laying my burdens down
C D I've come here to seek your face
D/F# FI trust in your faithfulness
C Dsus DYour love will never change
G CCome near to me Lord
Am7I long for your presence
DPraise to your holy name
G CCome near to me Lord
Am7Teach me your lessons
D G-Am7-D-CPraise to your holy name
G-Am7-D-CYour holy name
Verse 2:
G Am7I'm calling to you, my lord
C DYou answer restores my heart
G Am7You show me your perfect way
C DWhen I don't know where to start
D/F# FYou offer a healing hand
C Dsus DYou wash my sins away
Chorus (x3) Play Intro while repeating: Your holy name (x4)
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