Phil Wickham - Because Of Your Love tab

Verse 1:

This is how I know what love is
This is how I know I'm free
This is how I know salvation
Jesus cam and died for me
This is why I come to worship
This is why I lift my hands
F#m           D              A
This is why I now surrrender everything I am

                 D  A
Because of your love
        F#m           E
There's dancing in my heart
                D  A        E F#m
Because of your grace I am free
                D       A
Because of your faithfulness
           F#m               E
There's a song that must be sung
       D            A                E
I will sing, I will sing because of you

Verse 2:
This is why there's joy within me
This is why my spirit sings
F#m              D               A
Jesus you're my great adventure, You're my everything

D             E       F#m
You came to save the world
   A         D         A        E
To save the world, to save the world
D              E        F#m
Your love can change the world
     A          D         A          E
Can change the world, can change the world
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