Phil Wickham - I Adore You tab

This repeats through the first two verses. 
Haven't figured out the end yet. 
This is my first "tab" so I'm just going to put the chords. 
It's easy to fingerpick and get the right melody though.

C         G           Am
Lost in a daydream of blue 
  G         F  
I feel so free 
    C         G       C            G
And then it's like I fall from the sky 
      Am           G       F
Everything that I see is you 
     C          G            
And you should know that 
     C          G            Am
I'm thinking about what you said 
     G            F            
When you held my hand 
 C       G    C
Oh, I adore you 

Now we are older and things disappeared somehow 
And I was thinking that maybe 
We'd stand better chance if we met today 
I find myself talking to sharks 
On my way to an island, and still 

I adore you 

I was young, I was old 
And we were in, we were out 
I wanna see, I wanna see it all 
I wanna die, I wanna die 
Sweetheart, sweetheart 
I thought I saw 
I thought I saw a light 
I see it now, I see it now
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