Philip Selway - By Some Miracle chords version 2

Pretty song by Radiohead drummer phil selway. Check it out. 
I think he plays in alternative tuning on the record cause some of the
 notes seem to be in a different octave, but this version sounds good and you 
can play it to the recording. 

Capo on 3


Dm C Em7/B? ------> --x------- --0------- --0------- --0------- --2------- --x-------
Walkup between Em7/B and the Dm through C. I like to play an octave there. Verse: Dm C Em7/B As I gave into temptation Dm C Em7/B I've strayed across the line Dm C Em7/B Keep it under wraps in the cold store Dm C Em7/B Put it to the back of your mind Dm C Dm Put it to the back of your mind Chorus Dm C But by some miracle F I've just got away with it G Am7 I've clawed it back again Dm C By some miracle F I've just got a away with it G I've clawed it back Am7 I'm crawling back again Bridge: Dm Dm/Db Bb ----- listen to figure out arpeggiation Second verse is the same, and the chorus repeats. The bridge ends the song. Enjoy.
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