Phish - Limb By Limb tab

the other tab is a bit off, especially in the beginning.Also if you watch the IT festivle you can watch his fingerings on thisHere's the beginning part: C# e|--------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------6--x--------6----------------------------|G|---------------------6--x--------6----------------------------|D|---------------------6--x--------6----------------------------|A|------8--8--8--8-----8--x--6/8---8----------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------| (Fade in) * *Starred pattern is played 2 frets up (D#) and then :
Pattern then starts over. When you get to the next pattern its jsut F and Bb, just like before. Easy song, if anyone wants to tab the solo, that'd be cool, but no matter }<> }<> }<> }<> }<> NIC <>{ <>{ <>{ <>{ <>{
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