Phish – Bliss tab

D |------------0--|--0-----------0---|---0---------0-|-0----------0---|A |----------0----|---0-------0------|---0—----------|---0------0-----|F#|---------------|-----1---1--------|---0-----------|-----1---1------|D |-------4-------|-------0----------|---0-------4---|-------0--------|A |-----5---------|------------------|---0-----5-----|----------------|D |-0-------------|------------------|-0-0---0-------|----------------| Let D note ring Repeat Section Repeat Section Several Times
After the last part the whole song repeats again. This is a pretty easy song to play, but really fun and sounds great. Play this on a if you have one it's even better. On the recording about 4 guitars are layered but they're playing one of the three sections of this tab or a slight variation of it. It's better to think of this tab as the bones of the song while you add the meat with own variations to keep it fresh and lively.
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