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Run Like an Antelope


These are the chord shapes -- listen to a recording for
timing and strumming information.

D D A D H-O H-OE------------------------------------|B-------------------10---7---5-------|G---------------7---7----7---6---7---|D----------7-9------7----7---7---7---|A-----7-9------------------------9---|E--10--------------------------------|
Repeat as necessary for intro. Then A D (x4) Then repeat Introductory sequence... Back to A D, until this part (again, listen to a recording for timing information and when it comes:
E-----------------------|B--10--9--10--9--10--9--|G---7--7---7--7---7--7--|D---7--7---7--7---7--7--|A-----------------------|E-----------------------| then noodle on D...
Repeat twice... Then back to the main lick, then A > D, the last time ending with a D chord on the second fret (basic D chord). Then comes the distortion, and the progression changes to a D C D C G > F one (See below)... listen to the recording for timing. This is the solo Trey does on Lawn Boy.. every time I think he noodles around with it a little.
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~E---------------------------5-4-3-----------------------|B------------------------(3)------3---3-5-3-5^(7)-------|G----------------------(2)----------4-------------------|D-------------------------------------------------------|A---5------3-------5------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------|
Palm muting...E-------------------------------------------------------|B--5^(7)-5-3-------------------------------5^(7)-5-3----|G-------------2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2---------------------|D-----------------------------------4-------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------|
Then: Rake Fast!!! ....................E---15---15--------15--14--13--12--7--6--5--4--3---0------|B--13-------13---15--14--13--12--7--6--5--4--3--2--0------|G-14-----------------------------------------------0------|D--------------------------------------------------2------|A--------------------------------------------------2------|E--------------------------------------------------0------|
..Into the JAM!! Em > D
Here's a little lick that Trey did at Shoreline in 1995 at the start:(Thanks to Mike Flouton)E--------------------------------------------------------|B-12h13-11h12------10------------------------------------|G-------------9h11----12-11-10-9-8-7-----7-9-------------|D------------------------------------8h9-----9p8p7-------|A--------------------------------------------------9p8p7-|E--------------------------------------------------------|
After the Climax of the jam, it cools down but maintains the same Em > D progression. Trey might noodle over it a little, then goes into the words : Rai rai Rocko (?) Marco Esquandolas (?) Been you to have any spice/spike mon? (?) A heavy C chord makes for the transition to the next part: D C D C G > F (loud!) I like to play the G > F chords as such:
G FE--------------|B-----8-----6--|G-----7-----5--|D-----9-----7--|A----10-----8--|E--------------|
Though I'm sure most people will stick with the barre chord shapes. For this part, I can't decide which one sounds better / works better - the C chord or the Am or the Am7 chord. They're all very closely related, Am being the sixth of C. Play it however you like, I suppose D / Am7 Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run/Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run D / Am7 Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run/Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run (with "Run run run" chant over) "Set the gearshift for the high gear of your soul . . . you've got to run like an antelope . . . out of control..." Eventually they slow this chord progression down, ending on the D chord.
Trey will sometimes bend the fifth fret on the B string up a whole stepand hold it while the band does their grand finale, and he sometimes does his"Thanks a lot, we'll be back in fifteen minutes" routine (yeah, right).E---------|B--5^(7)--|G---------|D---------|A---------|E---------|
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