Phish - Suzy Greenburg tab

most of the song is simple

verse 1
litte suzy greenburg with her head caved in..... D,C,G

verse 2
suzy's an artist she paints quite a lot.... C,A,D

she better get checked by a neurologist... gain on G

Suzy! Suzy! Suzy! Suzy! Suzy suzy greenburg


after those chords trey usually does a little lick like this

E ----3----5---------|B -------------------|G -/4---/5-----------|D -------------------|A -------------------|E -------------------|
Then go into a short but sweet a minor penotanic jam then play a d chord and just improvise in A minor until back to verse 1 then back to verse two then to pre-choros then to chorus then
E ----------------------------------------------------|B -5--7--8---10--12--13--15--16--17-17-17-17------7/--|G -7b-9b-10b-12b-14b-15b-17b-18b-19b19b19b19b-----7/--|D ------------------------------------------------7/--|A ----------------------------------------------------|E ----------------------------------------------------|
Mess around in Dorian scale on the 10th fret when page solos then
E ----12-12-10-10-10-----------------------------|B ----13-13-12-13-12-----------------------------|G ----10-10-10-10-10-12p10h12p10h12p10h12p10-----|D ----12-12-12-12-12-------------------------12--|A -12--------------------------------------------|E -----------------------------------------------|
after paino solo back to verse 1 then 2 then pre-chorus then chorus during chorus somtimes trey messes around with octaves but you don't have to it just sounds cool then at the end they usually go into a jam like this
E ---------------------------------|B --------------------13-13-12-12--|G -----10-10-12-10-12--------------|D -----10-10-12-10-12--------------|A -----10-10-12-10-12--------------|E -/12-----------------------------|
Just mess around in a minor
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