Phish - Bittersweet Motel tab

Intro: G
       G   D   C  (3 or 4 times)
part 1:
G                                C
When the only tool you have is a hammer
G                D      C
Everything looks like a nail
           D                            G
And you're living, at the Bittersweet Motel

(Repeat above once)

then (part 2):e-------------------------0--------|b-------------------------1--------|g-------------------------0--------|d-------------------------2--------|a-----0-----2------3---------------|e----------------------------------|
C Halfway between Erie and Pittsburgh G D C You're puttin' me through hell D G On the highway, to the Bittersweet Motel (solo over part 1 chords twice) then after solo, back to part 2 and then part 1 once more
Beginning to the lick that follows... (improv after) H-O Bend ........... Bend MORE! slowly releaseE--------15-17-17^(19)-(19)-(19)-(19)-(19)-(19)-(19)^(20)v(19)------------------------|B--15-17------------------------------------------------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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