Phoenix - Playground Love tab

"Playground Love" by Air
Played by Phoenix

Tabbed by Kneelicker

Standard tuning

Cdim7: xx1212
Cdim7/B : x21212

Intro : (x2)E----------------2-----------------2--------------------0-----------------0--|B--------3-----------------3-----------------2-------------------2-----------|G----0-------0---------0-------0---------0---------0---------0--------0------|D----------------------------------------------------------------------------|A--2---2---2---2-----2---2---2---2-----2---2-----2---2-----2---2----2---2----|E----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A----------------|E---0--2---------|(then start the chords, G)
G B7 Em Em7 Cdim7 Cdim7/B C A7 I'm a high school lover,------and you're my favorite flavor C A7 C A7 Love is all, all my soul C B7 Em Em7 You're my playground love Yet my hands are shaking I feel my body remains, themes no matter, I'm on fire On the playground, love. You're the piece of gold the flushes all my soul. Extra time, on the ground. You're my playground love. Anytime, anyway, You're my playground love.
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