Phosphorescent – All Of It All tab

Left handed
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Chords used: B F# E Gm# C#e|------2-------2-------0--------4--------4--|B|------4-------2-------0--------4--------4--|G|------4-------3-------1--------4--------6--|D|------4-------4-------2--------6--------6--|A|------2-------4-------2--------6--------4--|E|------x-------2-------0--------4--------x--|
B a coward this morning F# black after backing away B and no explanation F# could ever explain it away E but could your bones be so bright? F# and would it all be all right E if you layed them tonight Gm# F# E with me, safe beside the thing about lifetimes is sometimes you have to be cruel it's sad that it's sad but don't let that dampen you no, to live you must die yes and more than one time you must kiss it goodbye and never go back to that life your arms can be magic it all can be magic you know you all ways can have it but not like you wanted i know there is only one way it's the onliest way you must give it away i mean give. it all. away. F# your hands have fingers and fingers are muscles Gm# and muscles they pull and pulling they told you how C# B F# E someone once told me we'd always be pulling along Aw, Aw, Aw... etc. -PS-
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