Pierce The Veil – Million Dollar Houses chords ver. 2

			     Million Dollar Houses-Pierce the Veil
Tabbed by: Johnnie Estep
Email: Midwaysfinest@gmail.com
First tab.

Tuning: Standard
I only have the intro and the chorus right now, but I plan on doing it all eventually.
It's pretty simple, just play the chords in the diagram in the intro/verse, then power 
chords in the chorus.
Here's how I do it
     D        C#         G       Bb
DSo what if I was just a painter
C#painting houses on the rich blue coast?
GWould you ever try to leave me
Bbfor somebody who deserves you most?
D'Cause darling I am just a painter.
C#I'm painting houses for the rich old folks.
GI'm gonna make a million dollars,
Bb'cause nobody's gonna steal you, no,
B|--------------6-5-6---------| (repeat until chorus)For diamonds and gold.For diamonds and gold.
C G'Cause I've broken bones for you, and for you only.
D C#I make money but we just can't keep this home.
G AGive me your heart and your hand and we can run!
DWe can run, we can run baby, run now.
DWe can run baby, run.
That's all I have for now, I'll be doing more work towards it in the future, and I'll edit it once I have more up. Rate/Comment, all that bullshit
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