Pierce The Veil – Im Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket chords ver. 2

Left handed
 I'm Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket - Pierce The Veil

Tabbed by:a7x4lifeXxXE-mail:braunkacey@yahoo.com
Tuning: Standard So I gave a pretty good listen to the song and i'd say what I got out of it sounds pretty good. Hope this helps out :) Intro:
Bm A D A G:e|--- (x2) B|---
G|-4- D|-5- A|-5- E|-3-
Verse Bm A D A G As I choke, try to wash you down with something strong...
Bm A D G Dry but the taste of blood remains...
Bm A D A G All these cold, empty mattresses and falling stars...
Bm A D G My, how they start to look the same....
Chorus: e|-2~------------2~------------------------------ B|-3~-----2~-----3~-----2~----------------------- G|-2~-----3~-----2~-----3~-----4~-----------3~--- D|-0~-----2~-----0~-----2~-----5~-----2~----4~--- A|--------4~------------4~-----5~-----2~----4~--- E|-----------------------------3~-----0~----2~---
- -2~------------2~-------------------------2~----| -3~-----2~-----3~-----2~------------2~----3~----| -2~-----3~-----2~-----3~-----4~-----3~----2~----| -0~-----2~-----0~-----2~-----5~-----2~----0~----| --------4~------------4~-----5~-----4~----------| -----------------------------3~-----------------|
(Chorus) this time end with: e|-------------| B|-2~----------| G|-3~----3~----| D|-3~----4~----| A|-1~----4~----| E|-------2~----|
Bridge: e|-2~---------------------------------| (x2) B|-3~------2~-------------3~----2~----| G|-2~------2~------4~-----4~----2~----| D|-0~------2~------5~-----4~----2~----| A|---------4~------5~-----2~----0~----| E|-----------------3~-----------------|
(Chorus) x1 And that's pretty much it! Really hope you enjoy it. And plz rate and comment :)
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