Piers Faccini – Two Grains Of Sand chords

There maybe some errors but it sounds pretty good to me if anyone has corrections let me 
know and i'll fix it

Capo 7

Am DHe was the rock of old
Am DCarved and faced
Am DLand of the cross
Am DDrawn and traced
Am DShe of silk and lace
Am DSoft as night
Am DA crescent moon
Am DBathed in light
Am C Em7Who would dare tear them apart?
Am C Em7Who would try to halve this heart?
Am D AmHow can we stand
D AmTo hold up a man
D AmTo choose in his hand
D GBetween two grains of sand
Am D AmHow can we turn
D AmTo violence and burn
D AmForgot all we've learned
D GTo darkness return
It's been told before I'll tell it again How jealousy struck And hate did gain To plunder once Once and for all This cherished pearl Till sorrow falls They stole in and crept like thieves A murder buried under autumn leaves Repeat Chorus Intro to 3rd Verse Bm Am D G C Em7 Am D G Too pure to shine In this world of sighs Of butchers and crimes Of laws and lies But something of their love will remain In the frozen drops of winter's rain They're above us, there is no doubt There is a light that won't go out
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