Pigram Brothers – Kids Of Yesterday tab

Pigram Brothers - Kids of Yesterday
Album: Saltwater Country
Tabbed By: Danny Halstead

Bb                   Eb
Wake early morning, white gums are blooming
      Bb              F
and shedding all its bark
Bb                               Eb
Mushroom clouds are building, monsoon rain is coming
          Bb                 F
and the black ants working hard
Bb                               Eb
Bike tube shangeye in my hand, younger folk with lacky bands
        Bb             F
going hunting for the day
Bb                                Eb
Goot goot bird is calling as the rain begins a fallin'
Bb               F
pelting on the ground

Eb                   Bb           Eb              Bb
We should be on our way, to the place we used to play
Eb                F      Bb
We're the kids of yesterday

Bb                                  Eb
West wind blowing strongly and the mothers are a lonely 
        Bb              F
as the kids are out to play
Bb                               Eb
Secret agent doors are opening, cork tree she's crying,
Bb                  F
helicopter falling down
Bb                              Eb
Sheet iron roofs are standing, bush flies are a landing
Bb                   F
love riding on your back
Bb                              Eb
Cubby house keeps out the sun, sandbombs fly we're having fun
Bb                                      F
Get your shields boys 'cause here they come - > CHORUS
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