Pigram Brothers - Dry River Bed tab

Pigram Brothers - Dry River Bed 
Music and Words: ( S Pigram/A, D, G, P, S Pigram, P Mamid)
Tabbed by: Danny Halstead

Another site has this song tabbed but it is in the wrong key 
if you want to play along to the CD, this tab is in correct key.

When your drifting on the ocean
         Bb               F
and the sea is a perfect blue

But those storm clouds on the horizon
                  Bb             F
are keeping you true to who are you

     Dm                                 F
So take me away 'cross the spinifex plains
                Bb           F
where the true mirage never ends
             Dm                          F
And the smell of the rain is a long way away
           Gm                F
lay me down on my dry river bed

Don't have no white picket fence, 
don't have no green english lawn
Just got heat waves dancing for me, 
on the red dirt where I was born


Feel the heart of my country, 
beating to them lonely blues
Gotta get back there, gotta get back there, 
I'll be back there real soon

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