Pilate - Endgame A Reprise tab

Pilate - Endgame / A Reprise

Now what really makes this song is the chord pull-offs..almost every chord in this song has one.
Listen to the song for the timing.

Chords			Pull-off to chords

Bsus:	X24440		Bsus:	X24400		
Emaj:	022100		Emaj:   022300			
F#sus:	244300		F#sus:	244400
C#m:	X46650	

Lying here tonight,
lying here tonight it's all you think of,
Parading through these lights and
falling from these heights it's all you think of.

    C#m			     F#sus	  Emaj
For chance has laid its cold hand on your shoulder,
C#m			F#sus				    Emaj
It's now your right, to watch falling sands, you're getting older.

C#m		    F#sus			Bsus	F#sus	Emaj
Suddenly surprised, suddenly surprised by these mires,
			     			    	           Bsus	  F#sus  
It's a funny thing this life, you're catching up with time, do you tire?
You were caught by the window...

If you're a Pilate fan I'm sure you realize that both "A Reprise" and "Endgame" have the same chords.
"A Reprise" is just a reprise of "Endgame".

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Tabbed by Astroboy90@hotmail.com
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