Pillows - White Ash tab

This song is pretty simplistic, almost the same riff over and over again.
Doesn't mean it sucks, though! It's pretty f'n great!

\ slide down
/ slide up
p pull-off
h hammer-on
~ vibrato

Intro: (x2)E:---------------------------------------------------------|B:---------------------------------------------------------|G:-2\-------------2\---------2\----------------------------|D:-2\-------------2\---------2\----------------------------|A:-0----------3---0----------0---------12\0--7--0-6-0--5~--|E:---------------------------------------------------------|
Main Riff: (Verse/Chorus) (x12)E:-------------------------------------------|B:-------------------------------------------|G:-------------------------------------------|D:----7--5-----------------------------------|A:-0--------7--5--3--6--5--3p0--0------------|E:-------------------------------------------|
Pre-Chorus: (post verse?) (x1) D5, F5, D5, F5, D5, F5, C5, B5, Bb5, A5 Then the main riff all over again! Easy as pieeee...
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