Pinback - Anti-hu tab

Not 100% Sure at all but really needed to find out how that intro was played. Just 
25 minutes and a working brain and here tis. Have Fun
        Tuning: 1/2 step down
                (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)

e|-------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------| Intro G|-------------------------------------| D|--9------7---------------------------| A|----9-------5------------0---2--\----| E|----------------7---7----2---3--\----|
||----------------------------| ||----------------------------| ||----------------------------| Main riff ||----------------------------| ||----9----5---\--0---2-------| ||---10----7---\--2---3-------|
||----------------------------|| ||----------------------------|| ||----------------------------||
Variation ||----------------------------|| ||----9----4---\--0---2-------|| ||---10----5---\--2---3-------||
e|-----------------------| B|-----------------------| G|-----------------------| Intro played over D|--9------7-------------| main riff A|----9-------5----------| E|-----------------------|
And im sure you can figure out the rest if you need.
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