Pinback - Boo tab version 1

	     Boo - Pinback
Tabbed by: Matty C

Tuning: Standard EADGBE

Guitar riffe|----------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------|G|--7\3-7\3-2-33-7\3/10-12\7--------------------------|D|----------------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------|
Chorus Bb Gm Someday I will sail again, Dm Bb To a distant shore, far away. Gm I will sail again, Dm Bb To a distant shore, far away... *The last Bb isn't actually played. All the music cuts out. However, the vocal pitch is a Bb* The verse progression is the same as the chorus Fade out. Extremely simplistic song. Questions, comments, compliments, or corrections go to Matty C <3 To: Sean
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