Pineapple Thief – This Will Remain Unspoken tab

                 Pineapple Thief - This Will Remain Unspoken
Tabbed by: Kenny Lyons
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Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)
Guitar: Steel-string acoustic

Chords:e|---0-------0-------0-------0---|B|---0-------0-------0-------0---|G|---0-------2-------0-------0---|D|---4-------2-------2-------2---|A|---2-------0-------2-------3---|E|-------------------0-----------| Emadd9 Asus2 Em Cmaj7
Verse 1: Emadd9 Asus2 I find it hard to find the simple way Em When the simple way Emadd9 Is an ocean Emadd9 Asus2 I find it hard to justify these days Em When all our days Emadd9 Are just a token Emadd9 Asus2 I hope you hear the things I need to say Em As they will remain Emadd9 Unspoken Chorus: Cmaj7 Asus2 Em So read my mind Cmaj7 Asus2 Em It's crying out for love to find Verse 2: Emadd9 Asus2 This is the start of the end for me Em As the end for me Emadd9 Is not over Emadd9 Asus2 And everyday is a little more to see Em A little more to be Emadd9 When it's over Chorus x2 Outro: x3 w/ fade out Cmaj7 Asus2 Em (love) (to) (find) ============================================ Comments: So Pineapple Thief tabs are basically nonexistent. I decided to put together the chords and lyrics for this nice song just for the sake of getting the name onto a tab site. This is a very simple song by any standards, especially those of a band with progressive leanings. I'm pretty much positive the chords are correct. I've played along with this song quite a few times and my playing has never sounded the least bit "off" while using these chords. I tried to get the chord names in the exact places they appear with respect to the lyrics but just listening to the song a couple times will help if there are precision issues. The vocals are simple and easy so sing along with just your guitar and the song feels that way. It's also great with the mellotron, drums, and bass as per the original. Have fun and any comments/suggestions/corrections may be directed toward my email above.
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