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Pink Floyd - Let There Be More Light (Waters)

Far, far, far, far away, way
People heard him say, say
"I will find a way, way
There will come a day, day
Something will be done"

Cm Fm
Then at last the mighty ship descending on a point of flame

Cm Dm A Ab
Made contact with the human race at Mildenhall

Now, now, now is the time, time
Time to be, be, be aware

Cm Fm
Carter's father saw it there and knew the Rhull revealed to him

Cm Dm A Ab
The living soul of Hereward the Wake

Oh my, something in my eye, eye
Something in the sky, sky
Waiting there for me

The outer lock rolled slowly back

The servicemen were heard to sigh

Cm Dm A Ab
For there revealed in flowing robes was Lucy in the sky

Oh, oh, did you ever?
No, no, never will they
I'll say!

Summoning his cosmic powers

And glowing slightly from his toes

Cm Dm A Ab
His psychic emanations flowed.


Pink Floyd - Remember A Day (Wright)

E D6 A E
Remember a day before today, a day when you were young.

D6 A Em F#m/E G/E A/E Em F#m/E
Free to play along with time; evening never comes__________________.

G/E A/E E F#o/E E F#o/E E

E D6 A E
Sing a song that can't be sung without the morning's kiss.

D6 A Em F#m/E G/E A/E Em F#m/E
Queen you shall be if you wish. Look for your king___________________.


A G D Em
Why can't we play today?

A G D Em F#m/E G/E A/E E(no 3rd)
Why can't we stay that way?

E D6 A E
Climb your favourite apple tree; try to catch the sun.

D6 A Em F#m/E G/E A/E Em
Hide from your little brother's gun. Dream yourself away____________________.

F#m/E G/E A/E

A G D Em
Why can't we reach the sun?

A G D Em F#m/E G/E A/E
Why can't we blow the years away?

E(no 3rd)
Blow away.


Pink FloydSet the controls for the heart of the sunTab transcribed by Eric Linglee----------------------------------------------|b----------------------------------------------|g----------------------------------------------|d----2-2-2-3-2-2-0-0-0-2---2-2-2-3-2-2-0-0-0-2-|a----------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------|
e---------------------------------------------|b---------------------------------------------|g---------------------------------------------|d----2-2-2-2-0-2-2-2-2-0-2-2-2-2-0-2-0-2-2-2--|play about 10 timesa---------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------|
Chords: Pink Floyd - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Barrett) Am G Am G Am Little by little the night turns around, G Am G Am Counting the leaves which tremble at dawn Dm C Dm C Dm Lotus's lean on each other in yearning, Am G Am Over the hills a swallow is resting G Am F Am F Am G Am G Am G Am G Am Set the controls for the heart of the sun Am G Am G Am Over the mountains watching the watcher, G Am G Am Breaking the darkness waking the grapevine Dm C Dm C Dm Knowledge of love is knowledge of shadow, Am G Am Love is the shadow that ripens the wine G Am F Am F Am G Am G Am G Am Set the controls for the heart of the sun, Am The heart of the sun, The heart of the sun... Am G Am G Am Witness the man who waves at the wall, G Am G Am Making the shape of his questions to heaven Dm C Dm C Dm Whether the sun will fall in the evening, Am G Am Will he remember the lesson of giving? G Am F Am F Am G Am G Am Set the controls for the heart of the sun, Am The heart of the sun, The heart of the sun... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## From: Date: Thu, 8 Jun 1995 06:55:19 -0500 - C O R P O R A L C L E G G - The Pink Floyd Words and Music by Roger Waters
Riff 1:~~~~~~~|-------------------------0----------------||-------------------------8----------------||-------------------------7----------------||-------------------------6----------------||-----2--3--2-------------7----------------||--0-----------3---0------0----------------|
| Bend (1/4) A C D A Corporal Clegg had a wooden leg. N.C. E7+9 He won it in the war in nineteen forty-four. A C D A Corporal Clegg had a medal, too, N.C. E7+9 In orange, red and blue. He found it in the zoo. Riff 2:
Bm F#|-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------||-----4--3--------------------------------------------||--2--------2--------2--------------------------------||--------------3--5-----0---2-2--2-2--2-2-------------|
| Bend (1/4) Bm F# Dear, oh dear, oh, are they really sad for me? Bm F# D Dear, oh, dear, oh, will they really laugh at me? D G Missus Clegg, you must be proud of him. D G Missus Clegg, another drop of gin? A Ab G D A7 D G D A7 D A C D A Corporal Clegg, umbrella in the rain. N.C. E7+9 He's never been the same. No one is to blame. A C D A Corporal Clegg, received his medal in a dream N.C. E7+9 >From Her Majesty, the Queen. His boots were very clean. D G Missus Clegg, you must be proud of him. D D Missus Clegg, another drop of gin? A Ab G D A7 Corporal Clegg. D Corporal Clegg. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= = F i S h - Current Adress: = = Comments/Corrections/Other floyd's/I Want Roio's Please Email me!!! = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= See ya! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets (Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour) Bm A E F# D G E A F# Bm G F# Em D F# Bm A E F# D G E A F# Bm G F# E D F# Bm A E F# D G E A F# Bm G F# Em D F# B A E F# D G E A F# Bm G F# Em D F# B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pink Floyd - See Saw (Wright) Cmaj7 Marigolds are very much in love Am7 But he doesn't mind F B Picking up sister he makes his way to the see-saw land E E7 A All the way up she smiles G F Em She goes up as he goes down, down Bb A D Cmaj7 Sits on a stick in the river Am7 Laughter in his sleep F Sister's throwing stones G B B7 Hoping for a hit E He doesn't know A So then G F Em Ebmaj7 She goes up while he goes down, down Bb A D Eb Cmaj7 Another time, another day F A A brother's way to leave E D Another time, another day Cmaj7 Am7 She'll be selling plastic flowers on a Sunday afternoon F Picking up weeds B She hasn't got the time to care E E7 A All can see he's not there G F She grows up for another man, Em And he's down Bb A D Eb Cmaj7 Another time, another day F A A brother's way to leave E D Another time, another day Eb Cmaj7 Another time, another day F A A brother's way to leave -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pink Floyd - Jugband Blues (Barrett) C Am It's awfully considerate of you to think of me here, C Am C And I'm almost obliged to you for making it clear that I'm not here. Am C And I never knew the moon could be so big. Am C And I never knew the moon could be so blue. Am C And I'm grateful that you threw away my old shoes F G A And brought me here instead dressed in red. Bm F#m Bm F# And I'm wondering who could be writing this song. G D A D I don't care if the sun don't shine. G D A D And I don't care if nothing is mine. F Am And I don't care if I'm nervous with you. F A I'll do my loving in the Winter. G D A D G D A D ... Am C/G Am C/G Am And the sea____ isn't green. C/G Am And I love the queen. C/G A And what exactly is a dream? C/G A And what exactly is a joke? Roger Keith Barrett, R.I.P
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