Pink Floyd – Green Is The Colour tab

Pink Floyd
Green is the Colour

As played live; can be heard on many bootlegged versions. I have no idea how the
 "old" tab stood unchallenged for so long, as it is blatently wrong and sounds
horribly uncomprehendable. I've replaced the old tab's "C" chord with the correct
chord "Em7". The difference in undisputeable. Please give it a try. 

Again, mind the tricky strum pattern. 

G   Em7  Bm  Em  D   
3    3    2   0  2
3    3    3   0  3
0    0    4   0  2
0    2    4   2  0
2    2    2   2  X
3    0    X   0  X

Intro: G  Em7  G  Em7  G  Bm  C  Em   D
G                        Em7     
Heavy hung the canopy of blue     
G                        Em7     
Shade my eyes and I can see you     
G            Bm         C                  Em              D
White is the light that shines through the dress that you wore
G                        Em7    
She lay in the shadow of the wave     
G                        Em7     
Hazy were the visions of her playing     
G               Bm       C              Em              D
Sunlight on her eyes but moonshine made her blind every time
G                        Em7     
Green is the colour of her kind
G                        Em7     
Quickness of the eye deceives the mind
G           Bm               C           Em         D     
Many is the bond between the hopeful and the dying
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