Pink Floyd – Matilda Mother tab

Matilda Mother (Alternative Version)
Pink Floyd

As heard from the 2007 3-CD set of the 40th Anniversary edition
of The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

B  A  G  F#

B           A         G        F#
There was a boy whose name was Jim
B                      A   G       F#
His friends they were very good to him
B              A      G         F#
They gave him tea and cakes and jam
B          A    G      F#
And slices of delicious ham

G  A       G       E
Oh mother, tell me more.

Why'd ya have to leave me there
Hanging in my infant air

You only have to read the lines 
of scribbly black and ev'rything
E    G

B           A       G     F#
The Chief Defect of Henry King
B        A     G       F#
Chewing little bits of string
B           A         G          F#
At last he swallowed, some which tied
B         A    G     F#
Itself in ugly knots inside

G             A
Wondering and dreaming
G                        E
the words have different meanings
D   A    E
Yes they did

F# for solo

When finding she was left alone
When tiptoe gives the telephone
Nine Nine Nine
Some got the immediate aid
F#                      E     G
Of London's Noble Choir Brigade

B           A          G       F#
For all the time spent in that room
B                A        G   F#
The doll's house darkness old perfume
B          A      G       F#
And fairy stories held me high
B            A        G        F#
On clouds of sunlight floating by

G  A       G       E
Oh mother, tell me more.
D    A  E
Tell Me More....

E until end

transcribed by sean lemnah
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