Breathe In The Air chords with lyrics by Pink Floyd - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Pink Floyd – Breathe In The Air chords

Em (x4) A (x4)
G  D7#9 D7b9

( Can be shortened to 1x Em and 1x A)

Verse 1:
Em ABreathe, breathe in the air
Em ADon't be afraid to care
Em ALeave, don't leave me
Em ALook around and choose your own ground
Chorus 1:
Cmaj7Long you live and high you fly
Bm7Smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry
Fmaj7all you touch and all you see
G D7#9 D7b9Is all your life will ever be
Verse 2:
Em ARun, rabbit run
Em ADig that hole, forget the sun
Em AAnd when at last the work is done
Em ADon't sit down it's time to dig another one.
Chorus 2:
Cmaj7For long you live and high you fly
Bm7But only if you ride the tide
Fmaj7And balanced on the biggest wave
G D7#9 D7b9You race towards an early grave
End on Em Still having problems? Watch David Gilmour play Breathe here:
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