Pink Floyd – The Narrow Way Part 3 tab

The Narrow Way Part III - Pink Floyd
Tabbed by: Rhys Gerwin


Intro: Flange and/or Phaser would suffice

Once all the buzzing and shit chills from part II:

C/F D/G C/F Emadd9e|----0----------5----------0-----------0-------|B|----1----------7----------1-----------0-------|G|----0----------7----------0-----------0-------|D|----2----------7----------2-----------4-------|A|----3----------5----------3-----------2-------|D|-3----------5----------3----------2-----------|
Am G C/F D#dim De|-------0------------------------0----------2--------2-|B|-------1----------0---3---------1----------1--------3-|G|----2-----2-------4h5--------0--0--0-------2--------2-|D|----2-----2---(0)------------2-----2-------1--------0-|A|-0-------------x----------3---------------------------|D|---------------5----------3------------1--------0-----| Following the path......
D#dim De|-----2------2-------2-|B|-----1------3---3---3-|G|-----2------2---2---2-|D|-----1------0---0---0-|A|----------------------|D|-1-------0----1---0---|
CHORUS: A D And if you want to stay for a little bit A D Rest your aching limbs for a little bit E Before you the night is beckoning D And you know you can't delay E You hear the night birds calling you F But you can't catch the words they say E D A Close your aching eyes, be on your way VERSE I: Following the path as it leads toward The darkness in the north Weary strangers' faces show their sympathy They've seen that hope before VERSE II: Mist is swirling, creatures crawling Hear the roar get louder in your ears You know the folly was your own But the force behind can't conquer all your fears VERSE III: Throw your thoughts back many years To the time when there was life with every morning Perhaps a day will come when the light will be as clear as on that morning ========================================================= That's pretty much it for the song, on the outro the guitar just plays the verse riff. One of mah favorites. On the D#dim use your thumb for the low D# and on the D.
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