Pink Floyd - Breathe Reprise tab

hey hey

this song enters straight in from 'time' without any gap

Em(add9)      Em(add9)
A             A7      A7sus4  A7
Em(add9)      Em(add9)
A          A7

Em7         Em              A             Asus4   A
     home        home again

Em7                                   A            A7
     I like   to be   here     when I can

Em(add9)                                  A         D       A/D   G/D
        when I come home     cold and tired 

     E5                          G          A             Asus4   A
it's good to warm my bones beside  the fire

Cmaj7                                 Bm7
far  away   across  the field     the tolling of   the iron bell

Fmaj7                                          G
calls  the faithful  to their knees         to hear the softly

D7#9    D7b9/Eb  Bm
spoken  magic    spell

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