Pink - Hazard To Myself tab

Pink - Hazard To Myself
Tabbed By Matthew Jackson

I am sick of downloaded tabs that are nothing like the actual song so I
do not submit a tab unless i am 100% sure it is correct.
If anyone wants anymore of my tabs but cant find them send me an email and i will see if i got what u want

I decided to tab this cos my girlfriend really likes here it is!

Key - D#

Main Chords -  D#   C   A#   G#

e----------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------G---8-----888----------------------------------D---8-----88810-----1010108-----8886-----666---A---6-----66610-----1010108-----8886-----666---E-------------8------8-8-86-----6664-----444--- X2
e----------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------G----------------------------------------------D--6-----8-----6-----8-------------------------A--6-----8-----6-----8-------------------------E--4-----6-----4-----6------------------------- {---LetRing---} { } Dont let ring
(With bass line in background play solo)e----------------------------------------------------------------B--16--------------13----13--------------------------------------G-----15-13-12-------12----12------10-10-10/12-10----8-8-8/10-8--D----------------------------------------------------------------A----------------------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------------
Cant figure out long solo so just play in key of D# (note on Low E, 11th fret)
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