Pink – The Truth About Love chords

Title: "The Truth About Love"
Artist: P!nk
Album: The Truth About Love
Year: 2013

fun and bitter. love this song! :D

Intro: E--

EThe truth about love comes at 3am
You wake up f*cked up and you grab a pen
AAnd you say to yourself
EI'm gonna figure it out, I'm gonna crack that code
Gonna break it break it down
BI'm tired of all these questions
AAnd, now it's just annoying
ECause, no one has the answer
So I guess it's up to me
ETo find the truth about love
As it comes, and it goes A strange fascination with his lips and toes
AMorning breath, bedroom eyes on a smiling face
ESheet marks rug burn, and a sugar glaze
B AThe shock and the awe that can eat you raw
EIf the truth about love
EI think it just may be perfect
You're the person of my dreams
AI never ever ever ever been this happy
EBut now something has changed
B AAnd The Truth About Love is it's all a lie
EI thought you were the one, and I hate goodbyes
(Chord-less/Palm-mute) Oh, you want the truth?
EThe truth about love is it's nasty and salty
It's the regret in the morning, it's the smelling of armpits
AIt's wings, and songs
And trees, and birds
EIt's all the poetry that you ever heard
B ATerror coup d'etat, life line forget-me-nots
EIt's the hunt and the kill
The schemes and the plots
EThe truth about love is it's blood, and it's guts
Purebreds and mutts Sandwiches without the crust
AIt takes your breath, cause it leaves a scar
EBut those untouched never got never got very far
BIt's rage and it's hate
AAnd a sick twist of fate
EAnd that's the truth about love
The truth about love (Repeat Chorus)
B AOh you can lose your breath and
B AOh, you can shoot a gun and
B A B AConvince you're the only one that's ever felt this way before
B AIt hurts inside the hurt within and
B AIt folds together pocket thin and
B AIt's whispered by the angels' lips and
BIt can turn you into a son of a bitch man
(Chord-less) The truth, the truth, the truth about love is Truth, the truth, the truth about love is Truth, the truth, the truth about love is (Repeat Chorus)
E--Truth about love!
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