Pint Shot Riot - Start Digging tab

Okk not many people have heard of these guys but theyre really
good and i lov this song!! ive guessed it but i'm 99% sure its right
and btw what a song!! Joe Martini

chords used:
Am, F, C, E

5   1   8    7
7   3   10   7 
7   3   10   9
5   2   9    9
5   1   8    9
5   1   8    7

guitar one:


F                 playing only once! until verse.......


Guitar two kicks in after twice of above:

e|-12---------13------13------12--------12-------12-----------------|B|----13---------13------13------13--------12-------12--------------|G|-------14--------14--------------12--------13---------------------|D|------------------------------------------------------------------| x2A|------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------|
Guitar one plays Am F C E while this is going on and then goes into verse Verse: same as before but both guitars play chords at faster pace with song!! Am F C E Chorus: same again guys but also again at an increased pace! Am F C E easy peasy!
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