Pist N Broke – A New Day tab

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From: GAJV50B@prodigy.com (MR CHRIS A BROWN)

A New Day by Pist N' Broke.  Don't really know the form, but it is
super simple
just listen to the tape.
Lyrics are at the end, I don't know one or two lines.
Chris Brown-GAJV50B@Prodigy.com



Verse and chorus D F# G D Pre-chorus D Ae:---------------------------------------|------------------------|B:-------------------7------11---12----7-|------------7-----------|G:-------------------7------11---12----7-|------------7-----7-----|D:-------------------7------11---12----7-|------------7-----7-----|A:-------------------5------9----10----5-|------------5-----7-----|E:---------------------------------------|------------------5-----|
lyrics: I live my life the way I choose, nobody's gonna tell me what to do I'm young at heart and young I'll stay, My aim is true I live for today With my head I stick to the cause, I stick to the cause,no matter what the cause The media lights gonna bring us down, better watch your step or you'll hit the ground. Nightfall brings a new day, I got to have my share of the kicks There's trouble on the street, Its hailing bottles and bricks I keep the faith close to my heart and never do forget, because what you believe is real and nobody can take it away. Nightfall brings a new day....... The solo is simple it goes F(bent up whole step{on B string4th fret}) F, E,F,E,C-F(bent again) F,E,F(with 6th fret high E string), E(also with 6th fret high E)
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