Pist - Were The Pist tab

We’re The Pist

The speed is circa 220bpm (I´ve tried at guitar pro)

Play this Riff 3 times as Intro. The first two times bass and drumms just set accents on 
E-A-B. The third they get in completely. in front of every Verse you play the riff one time
The Chords for Chorus and Bridge:

Verse & Intro: 1 2 3 4e:--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|b:--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|g:--------|----9---|--------|----9---|--------|----9---|5-55-555|4-44-444|d:9-999999|99999-7-|9-999999|99999-7-|9-999999|99999-7-|5-55-555|4-44-444|a:9-999999|99997-7-|9-999999|99997-7-|9-999999|99997-7-|3-33-333|2-22-222|e:7-777777|7777--5-|7-777777|7777--5-|7-777777|7777--5-|--------|--------|
Verse: Our rights have been denied too long Get off you ass and sing this song Smash a bottle, hit the streets Prepared for anything we meet Chorus: G D We’re the kids you can’t put down A B We’re the kids who’ve been around G D We’re the ones who break the mold Ab/A Ab/A Ab/A Ab/A We’re the Pist, the young and old G D We’re the ones society hates A B We’re the kids who’ll smash the state G D We’re the one who don’t fit in A We’re the Pist, the punks and skins. Verse Fuck the nazis’ white pride lies We’ll be dead before we sympathize With racist hatred ignorance And mindless blind obedience! Chorus Bbxxxxxxxx Gxxxxxxxx P for Punk, the attitude not the music I for Intelligence, we’re not afraid to use it S for Strength, to stand up and resist T for thousands of people feeling PIST! Verse Have you heard enough of their lies? It’s time for us to organize Do you fit in their society? Or do you feel pist like me? Chorus lavazza@everymail.net
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