Pitch Black – Why Must We Have All This Killing tab

I'm The Lead Guitarist to Pitchblack and This is exactly how I play the song.
You will need to listen to it to get like the speed and stuff but overall this is it.

Tuning is Drop C.

The Intro

E|---------------------|B|---------------------|F|---------------------| Bout 8xC|0-------------------5|G|0-(8x)-7h9-----3h5--5|C|0-------------------5|
The Bridge
E|-------------------|B|-------------------|F|-------------------|C|5-----8---7--1-----| 2xG|5-----8---7--1-(8x)|C|5-----8---7--1-----|
The Chorus
E|---------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--|F|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|C|0-0-0-5p4-0-0-0-5p4-0-0-0-7p6-0-0-0-7p6-0-0-0-2p1-0-0-0-2p1-0-0-0-2p1---------|G|0-0-0-5p4-0-0-0-5p4-0-0-0-7p6-0-0-0-7p6-0-0-0-2p1-0-0-0-2p1-0-0-0-2p1---------|C|0-0-0-5p4-0-0-0-5p4-0-0-0-7p6-0-0-0-7p6-0-0-0-2p1-0-0-0-2p1-0-0-0-2p1---------|
E|---------|B|---------|F|---------|C|0-0-0-2p1| All of this play 2 times then 3rd time palm mute open notes.G|0-0-0-2p1|C|0-0-0-2p1|
The Breakdown
E|--------------------------|B|--------------------------|F|--------------------------|C|0------3---1--0------3---5|G|0-(6x)-3---1--0-(6x)-3---5| Repeat till end of songC|0------3---1--0------3---5|
This is basically it. It is a sweat song if u play it right. Order is: The Intro The Bridge The Chorus The Intro The Bridge The Chorus The Intro The Bridge The Chorus The Breakdown Pitchblack is soon going to put a demo song on our website www.myspace.com/pitchblackdaband it will be this song. Hope yall enjoy this Tab. My person fav part of this song is the chorus.
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