Pitchshifter - Microwaved tab

"microwaved" by pitchshifter
from www.pitchshifter.com

tuning - high to low DAFCGD (down 1 whole step)

this riff is played through the entire song, only it should be palm muted
during the intro and some other parts. otherwise, let the chords ring out.

main riff:d |----------------------------------|A |----------------------------------|F |----------------------------------|C |----------------------------------|G |-5-----7-8-------5----10-8--------|D |-3-----5-6-------3-----8-6--------|
it might help to lay on some heavy chorus when you play this palm muted in the choppy parts (like the intro). you don't need to though.
bass riff:F |----------------------------------|C |----------------------------------|G |----------------------------------|D |-3-----5-6-------3-----8-6--------|
high, noise riffsd |-3/----20p19----------------|-18~---17-18~---17-18~---17-18~---17-17~----|A |----------------------------|--------------------------------------------|F |----------------------------|--------------------------------------------|C |----------------------------|--------------------------------------------|G |----------------------------|--------------------------------------------|D |----------------------------|--------------------------------------------|
2:20 ??
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