Pitney Gene – Last Chance To Turn Around tab

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                      "Last Chance To Turn Around"
                       (Melrose - Bruno - Elgin)

Intro [2X; continue into verse]:


F C/F F6(no3) C/F* * last time: F7(no3) v v v v v v v v -----8-----8-----|-----8-----8----- -8-| ----10-----8-----|-----6-----8----- -6-| ----10-----9-----|-----7-----9----- -8-| -----------------|----------------- ---| -----------------|----------------- ---| -----------------|----------------- ---|
acoustic bass:
-----------------|-----------------| -3-----3-3-----3-|-3-----3-3-----3-| -----------------|-----------------| -----------------|-----------------|
Verse 1: The wheels of my old car Are turnin' burnin' Up the highway Tonight that girl of mine Will be yearnin' or not learnin' F C/F F6(no3) F7(no3) To see things my way Bb Am She hurt me for the very last time Gm C F Eb F I'm not hangin' around Bb Am I'll show her I can leave her behind G7 C Bb/C I'm gettin' out of town (gettin' out of town) C Bb/C I won't back down (I won't back down) C I won't back down (I won't back down) Chorus: F Eb F [2: The] Last exit to Brooklyn F Eb F [2: The] Last chance to turn around F Eb F [2: The] Last exit to Brooklyn F Eb F Gonna keep these wheels of mine Eb F Coverin' ground Verse 2 [w/intro riff]: Last night I caught that girl Lyin' tryin' To deceive me And now all of these tears She's cryin' I'm not buyin' You better believe me She swore that she was mine alone Our love would never die I'm leavin' now for parts unknown I saw her with that guy (saw her with that guy) That's the reason why (that's the reason why) I'll be passin' by (I'll be passin' by) [repeat chorus] Coda [repeat to fade]: F Eb F [1: On] The last exit to Brooklyn F Eb F The last chance to turn around -- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers
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