Pixie Lott – Gravity chords

I don't think it's quite right but pretty basic! Hope it's use to someone :)

GI know that I still havent found you,
CAnd when I wanna stand on my own too
FSuddenly you start to show
CSigns of what is possible
GThen youre back to your ways and you let me down
CTell me why I keep tryna stay around
F CWhen all my family they're always telling me
GTo be through with you
C FAnd I know that deep down I’m callin’ time on you
COn you
FOn you
GEvery time I’m ready to leave
FAlways seem to be
CPulling in the wrong direction
FDiving in with no protection
GMan, you can’t keep steering me wrong
COh gravity
FPulling me back pulling me in
CWhyre you pulling me back pulling me in
GJust like gravity
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