Pixie Lott – Cry Me Out chords ver. 6

Pixie Lott
Cry Me Out

I've tried some others out and they all work pretty well but here's the best - 


GWell, I got your emails
You just don't get females
DNow, do you?
CWhat's in my heart
Is not in your head
Mate you're too late And you weren't worth the wait
DNow, were you?
CIt's outta my hands
Since you blew your last chance
DWhen you played me
GYou'll have to cry me out
EmYou'll have to cry me out
CThe tears that'll fall
Mean nothing at all
DIt's time to get over yourself
GBaby, you ain't all that
EmMaybe there's no way back
CYou can keep talking but
DBaby I'm walking away
GWhen I found out you messed me about
DI was broken (heartbroken)
CBack then I believed you
GNow I don't need you no more
The pic on your phone Proves you weren't alone
D She was with you, yeah
CNow I couldn't care
'Bout who what or where
DWe're through
GGonna have to cry me out
Gonna have to cry me out
Em Boy there ain't no doubt
Gonna have to cry me out
CWon't hurt a little bit
Boy better get used to it
DYou can keep talking but
D (stop strumming) Baby I'm walking away
G Em C D Ohhhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh, x2
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